Thursday, February 23, 2017

1968 Hadlow

In 1968 I went to Hadlow Agricultural College to get my NCA I have just found my funding documents from KCC the total cost for my year at College was £256 (Today that would be £4197.99p) MY parents contribution was £115 (Today that would be £1885.82) All books, travel, Pocket Money etc was given to me by my parents They allocated me £2 week pocket money for travel entertainment etc (£32.80p in today's money) My Fiance of the time who is now my wife Valerie was working at Morphy Richards would fund our weekends. Weekends would mean going out but always returning to our homes none of that sleeping together before marriage. I spent from 1965 till 1968 as an Apprentice 1968 till 1969 as a Student 1969 till 1971 working in various Farming Jobs and then realized I was very mediocre at my Job, then moved into something I was good at Full Time Judo Coach. The money was not that good so I had to supplement my income and raise a family by working weekends as a Farm Hand,Electricians Mate and Coppice woodlands. My point is Hard work never hurt anyone and if you want something go out and earn and do not rely on the state to keep you

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