Sunday, February 05, 2017

Should Judges overule an elected Government

An interesting thing happened in the USA a Judge ruled that the USA Government could not restricted people coming into the USA. Now this Judgement was an interpretation of the US Constitution by one man a Judge, I make the point interpretation.  One man can overrule the Democratically Elected Government on an opinion and NOT A FACT?
When an individual including Judges makes an opinion you have to take in account his or hers biases, so who was this Judge and what was his political affiliation or leanings?
You now have to decide who runs the Country the Democratically run Government or a non elected Judge (I presume in the US Judges are appointed)
Laws should be made by the people representative not by individual Judges. Now some will say that what happens and Judges cannot make laws but just step back a bit and look at the Judges powers. For an example something comes before a Judge and it is somewhat ambiguous on legal terms, I am led to believe a Judge can make a ruling in such cases is that not making a Law?
If this Judge wins and the USA Government cannot restrict people coming to the USA could it not be that in the future another Judge will decree that all restrictions on people entering the USA could be scrapped?
Judges are there to up hold the Laws decreed by the People representative in this case the USA Government NOT the laws decreed by the Judges if this happens it could end up in a dictatorship by the Judiciary supported by the MOB

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