Tuesday, February 07, 2017


On The Today programme they have featured the problem with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. One case was that a women was in a home she was incontinent, unable to feed herself, need a lift to get her out of bed but the Glorious NHS decided she was not entitled to free care as the husband had over £22,000 of assets (if you own a house this would mean you). This man over an 8 year period spent £400, 000 on care home fees. Now according to the programme once you have reached the £22,000 limit the local council has to take over they in turn will only pay a proportion of the cost if any. The Government has said they will cap the amount you have to pay but they now say they have no money? Yet they spend Billons on Foreign Aid much of which goes to corrupt and rich governments. Cameron especially should hang his head in shame

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OK all you 'pussies' out there who love marching in UK cities & towns (including Faversham) against a democratically elected president in another country - here's something you can really get your teeth into - China has been asked to bid for funds from a £1.2b foreign aid budget from the uk to help with their ageing population - after all the news on the subject in regard to the lack of money available for the ageing population in the UK -- if it was'nt so disgusting, it would be funny - goes to show, there is money available for the aged in the UK - it is just that they cannot have it - even though they worked all their life paying tax - makes me sick -- so - when will you all be marching in London to put a stop to this and support the aged of the UK - waiting????

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