Thursday, February 02, 2017

First House Brenda Jones Employment contract 1965 answer to lefty 1991

For many years Brenda Jones who was well known in Judo and Sambo Circles was my friend and secretary. For those who knew Brenda you will remember she was quite independent in what she did. So when she worked for me as long as she done what I asked her to do I did not delve into what she was doing for herself. She did keep records and when she died I collected all these files but with so many I did not read them all. Well that is until now and I was shocked to find the following which she never told me about. I expect it was to save any hurt feelings on my behalf, in fact I would have thanked her for thinking of me but I would have told her a loud mouths like me do not get awards from Government. I have plenty of awards from organisations I have been involved with as they come from people I respect which makes them invaluable

 My Mother always said keep some documents as when you are old they will bring back memories and she was right. Below is my first employment contract. My first day in my Agricultural Apprenticeship  I arrived on my brand new bike,brand new cap, brand new jean jacket and jeans much to the amusement of the other Farm workers. I remember on one occasion they Farm Workers told me that I had overtime and I had wait for Bill Wraight and help him pick up some post holes from the Station. Any way I waited an hour until  the Farm Manager came along and told me to go home. My mother thought this was a wicked trick fancy doing this to her little boy, I was 6ft 2ins and 15 stone. In her German accent she said to my father "Nobby Vot are you going to do" he replied NOTHING and laughed. I certainly grew up then

House prices have certainly changed since I bought my first house and so have bank Managers attitudes. When I came to buy my second house my first one was worth £17000 so I said to the bank manager let me keep the house I have as the rent will be double what the mortgage is. His reply was ridiculous and use the expression you can only wear one shirt at a time. What a fool how he became a bank Manager is beyond me
 I have always written letters to the Local Paper sadly they no longer print them seems I am to right wing as I am anti EU. The only pleasing thing that social media and the Internet has taken over from the local paper for news. It is only a few years before the Local Newspaper disappears. Below is letter written by Valerie?

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