Saturday, February 11, 2017

What is Poverty?

I have had a look at what they call Poverty it is 60% of average income which is £26,400. This I find quite high but an average is based on all the peoples in the Countries income divided by the amount of people in the country. I very much doubt if the low paid get that sort of money. So you are in poverty if your income is £15840 or £304 a week. Now I am sorry but that is not poverty it is what we used to call being hard up which many of us in our 60's can remember. People today get all sorts of benefits including housing benefits the real poor are the British Homeless which all government of all parties forget. Illegal immigrants may be poor but they should not be in the country any way but even those are subsidized by the government To say we have Poverty in the UK is a disgrace to the real poor in Africa for example who may go days with out food and water that is Poverty

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