Sunday, February 26, 2017

Working Tax Credits

Tony Blair brought in some ridiculous Laws but the one I get upset about is Working Tax Credits.

These Tax Credits are given to people on a Low wage; those of us who pay taxes have to fund this ludicrous system. So who benefit from this of course the Employer, Multi Nationals and shareholders who pay low wages so they can make bigger profits? Without Tax Credits these people would have to pay a reasonable wage I would suggest £10 per hour, make this the minimum wage.

Now I will hear those who support these Tax credits saying if would put a lot of people out of work because the companies cannot afford it. RUBBISH if they want to stay in business they would still need the same amount of workers and those who can not afford the pay rise should not be in business. Will prices rise yes BUT taxes could come down, as we would save Billions on doing away with Tax credits so the workers will have more in his pocket to spend how they want and the Tax payer would not have to keep funding these companies and share holders profits .

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