Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Are Petitions Accurate

Nigel Farage has  been referring to the heat map below shows big opposition to Trump in London and Brighton and the North East, but far less support for cancelling the trip elsewhere in the UK - a similar national picture to the pro-anti Brexit divide.

Now lets get this clear the Petition is not one man one vote. Those who have signed the Petition for Trump to come to Britain will know that all you do is put your Name Email and Postcode. Now I have about 8 different email addresses so I could easily put different names to each Email address and get it registered, not that I would do such a thing. Now if you can imagine that Lefty Snowflake and Students who seem to a lot of time on their hands could easily manufacture thousands of new emails and vote. So 1 person could vote hundreds of times, so much for these petitions. I notice the We want Trump in GB is now over 200,000. Now if the we want Trump brigade could get themselves organised they could have a few thousand getting a couple of million votes 

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