Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Luvvies on the March

I do not buy Walkers Crisps or watch films with these people in them mind you that is no real hardship. Especially the last Sherlock which I managed just 5 minutes before I switched over utter rubbish, hopefully it will be the last

Once again the Lefty Luvvies poke their nose in their idea of bring more so called immigrant children into country just encourages more to make the journey and get killed. People like these have blood on their hands. The government is doing the right thing by supporting the refugee camps near the areas of conflict so when the conflicts have finished they can return home. Syria is a prime example where there are plenty of safe havens. On the cost why should the British Tax Payer have the burden of these children all those who are petitioning should be asked to take these children if allowed in and keep them at their own expense and not at the expense of the Tax payer

Luvvies on the march as Lineker, Knightley and Cumberbatch sign letter complaining at PM's 'disgraceful' scrapping of child refugee scheme 

One comment was he should be named Ken Leach. He not only got public money for this left wing tripe but will make a packet out of the Film. Mind you there is an answer do not go and watch the film that's what hurts the Champagne Luvvie lefties when they do not make any money. Lets hope this is his last film and the Government clamp down on these spongers. I also notice that Stephen Fry stuck his oar in and said the Public did not understand Politics so were incapable of voting

Loach the leech: He's the millionaire director whose Leftie movies rail against the Establishment. But the great irony about Ken Loach? Public money funds his films!

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