Thursday, February 04, 2010

Congratulations to Swale Borough Council Leader

I congratulate Cllr Andrew Bowles leader of the Council for his stand for the Householders of Swale, I refer to your article “Gipsy consultation plan is unbalanced”. The Labour Government have imposed on the people of Swale Traveller sites for 47 Traveller Caravans, it has offered “Work Shops” for Travellers and Councillors but no “Work Shops” for local residents who I might add pay Council Tax and Income Tax something the great majority of travellers do not pay. For the Political Correct Forces have always put the interest of minorities first and not even consider the majority, at long last we have politician in Cllr Andrew Bowles who has stood up for the majority, He has said NO this is unfair and unbalanced the residents (the majority) must have a say. Lets hope this is a sign for the future when we get a new government in May.
Final question If Travellers settle in these Camps and are no longer travelling do they lose their status and come under the laws the rest us have to abide by?

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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