Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Immigrants Work and Flats

I have great difficulty understanding this Government and the Employers of Foreign Labour, the Government according to newspaper articles have deliberately encouraged these legal and illegal immigrants to take work from our own people, yet for the government it is financially disaster. The foreign work force pays little or no tax because they are on minimum wage plus there is a great deal of black labour (that is not reference to a person skin colour it means working illegally), the indigenous work force they have replaced is forced on to the dole, which cost us the country money plus if they were working they would be on higher wages and thus paying higher tax. As for British employers to me it is only greed that forces them to employ foreign labour they and their shareholders want the highest return they have no compassion for their fellow countryman. Yes I have heard there excuses that customers want the best price if that were the case Councils should not go for the cheapest price they should go for the one who has offered best value and best product. More and more people are beginning to realise that the standard of work by foreign labour is not up to the standard of British Workers, those who purchased foreign built houses will tell you the faults once they have been in for a year, plus any of you who have been to Poland, Russia, Bulgaria etc will tell you the standard of their workmanship. So how do these foreign workers survive easy they share houses, packing in as many as they can this cuts the cost, plus according to the press some live in tents and caravans on the job,

Until the Government (who ever that is) starting to put the interest of its own people first you will never get a harmonised societies on the contrary it will lead to civil unrest and then riots.

As someone who owns flats and rent them I am continually asked why I do not rent to immigrants here is why:

1) They can not read English and can not read the Rental agreement

2) They cannot get a CRB check

3) They are not prepared to get references

4) Experiences from other Landlords make me wary:

a) You rent to one person and they start bringing other people, which causes a great deal of inconvenience to other tenants

b) A friend of mine rented her house to a couple while she was in Hong Kong when she returned they had sublet to Bedroom area and converted the loft into a Bedroom with planning or building regulations, on another occasions they have been no to convert loft space without permission timber from pallets

5) Finally I will always give preference to a British Subject this is my duty to help the local populace first

Martin Clarke

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