Monday, February 01, 2010

Is UKIP a mistake

Over the last few weeks I have seen UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) getting some considerable media coverage, most of what UKIP stands for I happen to agree with but it is the way of obtaining their aims I disagree with. The Political system in this country at General Election is first past the post or winner takes all, I was a firm believer in this system as it brings with it strong government but in the last 10 years strong government has turned into an elected dictatorship so have been converted to proportional representation. Yet we have to be pragmatic if you want a change of government you only really have two choices vote Labour or Conservative all the rest no matter how good they seem, are a protest vote or in the case of UKIP it could be the party who will stop a Conservative Candidate becoming an MP and let in a Labour or LIBDEM EU enthusiasts.
Recently the local UKIP Parliamentary candidate wrote me a personal letter saying I was wrong in my thoughts, I was impressed that he taken time out to do that he did not change my mind but I did take time to look at the UKIP prospectus which I found interesting and hopefully a future Conservative Government will take on their ideas. One of the things they want according a report in a Kent newspaper is the banning of the Burka something I would suggest makes common sense but one of their potential Canterbury City Council candidates has resigned because he believes this is a racist move. The interesting thing is that this candidate is Alex Ellis-Rosswell a 16 year old! I thought you could not vote or get elected till you was 18? Although I admire this young man getting involved in politics surely someone should have said you should learn to walk before you can run as he is barely out of short trousers what we need is Politicians with experience of life. The youth of today is being bombarded with propaganda from Europe and organisations like UKIP are trying to correct this imbalance which is a good thing and this is where there strength is, keeping the public informed rather then wasting their money on trying to get into parliament in seats which they have no hope of gaining, maybe they should try Borough and County Council elections that is where they will have a chance

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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