Friday, February 19, 2010

What do these Homosexuals want?

What is it with Homosexuals over the last 30 years and especially under this government they have achieved powers and acceptance by the political establishment in fact they have more rights then the majority. This minority group accounts for about 4% of the population although they maybe accepted into polite society they still crave from Society the one thing they are not and that is NORMAL. They will try and convince people that it was Homosexual ls that produced the best human beings. They will cite a famous person from the past and say he or she was homosexual without any proof why because it legitimises there cause. One case was after John Wayne died there was a photograph of him tight shorts and a shoulder bag so therefore he must be homosexual Rubbish,
So why have I jumped on my hobby horse it is the fact that now according to the Gospel of Eltam John JESUS CHRIST was Homosexual so now Homosexuals what us to believe that the Son of God was Homosexual and that Christianity was the result of Homosexual plot. I do not know many Homosexuals but I would have thought the great majority want be left alone to get on with their lives, well its about time they stood up against these Loony Militants and their leaders in Stonewall

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