Saturday, February 20, 2010

Uzbeks and Craig Murray

I have just listened to Play on Radio 4 entitled “Murder in Samarkand” it was about Craig Murray who ran the British Embassy in Uzbekistan and the book that was written about him. Those who do not know the story it is about Craig Murray trying to bring to the attention of the Civil Service under a Labour Government that Human rights in Uzbekistan was practically nil. He maintains that information about Bin Laden given by the Uzbeks Government to British and US intelligence was unsafe as it had been obtained by torturing ordinary people not terrorists. The reason the Uzbeks were giving the information the Brits and US wanted to here was quite simply money, both governments were pouring money into Uzbekistan to keep them on side. Now whether this is true or not I do not know but it did make me think.
The row over torture at the moment does make one think, I for one do not believe any of those Human Rights Lawyers who are defending those terrorists arrested by the US and UK, the lawyers have no concept of right or wrong it is purely about getting an extortionate fee from the British Taxpayer. As for the Terrorists or should I say suspected terrorists how can they prove they have been tortured taped conversations, video, photographs, witness statements NO by definition if they had been tortured by the US secret service there would be no evidence, it is there word only and for why money again. They will come out with a huge lump of compensation paid for by the British tax payer which will most probably go back to help fund killing more innocent victims. Yet to take on information from dubious countries who have alter alterative motives does seem somewhat crass to say the least. This whole story seems to circle around the Iraq War, I wonder if we will ever hear the truth and I wonder how those minister who were involved can sleep but I expect they will by counting pounds going into the bank

Martin Clarke

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