Friday, February 26, 2010

More Sex education

New Sex education
Once again this Government has stepped into what families can do they are in the process of making sex education and relationships compulsory in schools starting at the age of 5 years part of that education is to teach about how Homosexuality and Bisexuals being normal at least religious schools have an opt out of this degusting piece of legislation, I believe all parents should have the right to opt out of discussing sex outside of marriage and deviant sexual acts.
When will these so called experts realise the more you teach kids the more they will try it out. During the 1960’s I was at secondary School in our first year we learnt about reproduction system and that was it on the sex education because of this the experts said we ignorant of sex and children should be taught much more about the sexual act, interestingly enough those same experts were into the latest rages FLOWER POWER, free love, drugs and booze etc could it be if everyone done what they were doing they could justify their debauched behaviour. Can I say when I got married at 20 I knew no one who was pregnant under 16, I knew no one who was living together and I only new one divorced couple and that was in the day when we were ignorant of sex and contraception compare that with today when children are told everything they need to know about sex: Crèches in most schools, 51% of all single mothers living in accommodation paid for by the state something they have not even contributed to, sex becoming just a pastime and physical act.
I am pleased to say I am not the only one who thinks this way , here are two articles from newspapers:
A staggering 40,000 — or 40 per 1,000 — under-18s still fall pregnant in Britain each year, a pitiful improvement on 1998, when the figure was 46.6 per 1,000.
What makes these statistics most depressing, however, is the staggering amount of energy and taxpayers’ money that ministers have squandered on their teenage pregnancy programme.
More than £280million has been spent on contraception and sex education — and this has barely made a dent in the problem.
But instead of accepting its mistake and trying a different approach, the Government continues to cling to its discredited strategy of dishing out sex advice, pills and condoms.
Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity was ‘doing the same thing, over and over again, and expecting different results’.
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'Deterrent' is a dirty word for dealing with teen mothers By Jan Moir

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To finalise is it not about time that we looked into the background of these so called Sex Experts because they seem a rather strange bunch who want to encourage children to experience sex and talk about sex if another adult suggested they would be classified as a potential paedophile

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