Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Martin Seen with tight shorts

A friend of mine in the USDA replied to my blog on What do Homo's want


I just don't know about you. I have personally seen you in tight shorts rolling around with other blokes. You seemed to enjoy putting your arms around them and pressing your body on theirs. Most of them just surrendered to you. I was smart enough not to give you the chance to do that to me. Seems you have a lot in common with these guys. What do you say about these actions of yours. I have even seen you in long lines with naked men just standing around.

I am not sure, but I believe you even oiled up your body to roll around in the grass WIth some of these muscular men. My, My what a bloody shame to have to remember you like that.

Just thought you might enjoy the way people can twist the truth. You tell a story a certain way to enough people, enough times and some are going to believe it. What a shame. They want attention and special privileges and positions of power..Blacks have done it and they are following what they did to get what they want. Watch out for the Islams, they are doing it also. They get political power than we suffer for not stopping them when we could. Give way to the underdog. However, that is now the average guy.

I find your comments quite enjoyable. Keep in touch.

Curt Shearer

My Personal Thoughts: What do these Homosexuals want?

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