Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday
The Bloody Sunday Report has now finished a report that cost Millions of pounds 50% going to make lawyers very rich, one must ask the question this money could have been spent on Schools and Hospitals. The outcome was a for gone conclusion the only people to blame were the Paratroopers Why because this was a Milk Sop to the IRA so they would stop murdering innocent people and agree to the Good Friday agreement. Some may say the price was worth paying.
All those killed were innocent demonstrators the report tells us and we have to accept that but certain questions will need to be answered and hopefully over the coming weeks as the full report is digested in details they will be. Questions I would like to know
1) How come a well trained unit like 1 Para went berserk or did they?
2) Was Martin Guinness seen with a sub Machine Gun and what role did he play in Bloody Sunday?
3) Why has there never been an enquiry of such detail on atrocities committed by the IRA such as Warren Point?
4) Were rocks and bottles thrown by the demonstrators?
It has been reported that Para’s can not be tried for murder as they have immunity when attending the hearing but they can be charged with perjury if that is the case will all demonstrators who lied on oath be charged with perjury? Already one of the soldiers solicitors have said that his client shot the bullet that killed a protester as they have the bullet, yet the bullet passed through other objects before hitting the man. So did the Soldier intend to kill?
Many IRA murderers have been released from prison because of the Good Friday Agreement, the IRA and their Catholic supporters have won the Battle of violence, murder and intimidation mainly due to the surrender by the Blair Government so now is the time to put it all behind us and bury the past. Northern Ireland has returned to normality let it stay there

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