Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Budget

The Budget
I expect like most people the Budget is still a bit of a mystery but there are a couple of points which I would like to make:
1) The current problem was made by the last Labour government and its ineptitude over the last 13 years. So it is rather galling when Labour criticise and appear on Political Programmes
2) 20% is the right way to go but I get fed up with Labour Politicians and their lackeys in the press saying will hurt the poorest families. Surely the poorest in our society who have become poorer under Labour, first requirements are Food (No Vat), Children’s Clothing (No VAT) and a roof over their heads, the rent being paid for by their local Council. So instead of changing to a new Flat Screen TV they will have to make do with the old one. Some say it will make us more frugal and not spend so much but in reality it will make no difference, when the government dropped VAT to 15% it had no effect and nor will the extra 2.5%. For example a £500 TV now you will pay £87.50p VAT at in January you will pay £100 VAT an extra £12.50p you honestly going to tell me that will stop you buying the item?
3) Why have any Child Benefit! If you have children that is your decision so why should the TAX Payer help and if you got pregnant by accident why should the Tax Payer pay for your mistakes
4) They say we have Millions unemployed, so why has the government not done anything to remove the Million of Legal and illegal Foreign workers? Is it because British Companies and their share holders are making millions out of this low paid scab work force at the expense of the British Workers

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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