Saturday, June 26, 2010

Somali Gangsters

Somalia Gangsters
A friend of mine an ex Paratrooper related a story to me the other day which I think is quite shocking.
He has a grown up daughter, the mother went on to have another relationship and had more children. Her Son got involved with some Somali Gangsters sorry refugees and would be their delivery boy for their drug trade. His mother found out about this and had enough influence over the boy to make him stop, he went back to the Somali’s and was told if would not deliver drugs he would have to patrol the Tower Block they all lived in as a guard and was given a gun to do the job. They boy refused and was told that they the Somali’s owned him, he went and told his older brother who took him straight to the Police.

Police Advice:

This brilliant piece of advice was given by the Police, he was told to move as far away as possible not only him but the whole of his family which they have all done including my friends daughter.

Is this story true I do not know but I have no reason to doubt my friend but it I backed by the amount of reports about the criminal activities of the Somalis’. So do the Met Police do anything about these Somali’s who are in this country under sufferance NO, does the government who will not help British Subjects who are being held hostage by Somali Pirates and are allowing these thugs to live in our country do anything NO.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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