Tuesday, June 29, 2010


No 1
Friday 1pm Sittingbourne High Street

Mother aged between 16 and 19, with child of approx 3 years
The Mother was dressed high heels, short skirt, made up as though going to night club, these are quite common in the High Streets of GB even seen alone or accompanied by spotty youth wearing shirt around waist sporting several Tattoos.

Child:” I want an ice cream”, starts to cry
Mother: Smack child round face “I told you aint getting no f**king ice cream, where do you think I get the f**king money from you little b**ard “hits the child again then throws empty alcohol pop bottle away.

A Mother chastising her son in the Garden

Mother: “I told you to pick those f**king toys up”
Son: “B**locks”
Mother: “Don’t you f**cking swear at me you little b**ard”

Mother and Son about 13, in Sainsbury’s Headcorn a rather select village/town, mother a rather fat women in her mid 30’s wearing skimpy clothing which would look nice on a Girl half her age and 2/3 her size

Son: “We will be late for the England game”
Mum: “F**k the football you little pr**k”
Son: “But mum you promised”
Mum “Shut your face for I kick you up the a*se, you and your f**king father think I am some sort of c**t.

Hopefully these are not typical examples of modern day motherhood

I am old fashioned and believe when in the presence of women and children you do not use foul language but that is now a thing of the past and is why I very rarely go in a pub any more with wife. Some years ago I was in Scotland and entered what I call a mans pub, as soon as my wife entered the Landlord shouted Lady in Bar and the swearing ceased. It seems the women are as bad as the men for swearing, drinking pints and bragging about their sexual exploits. My last visit to a Pub nearly ended in an altercation when I asked 4 men to moderate their language they took this as an affront to their freedom of speech and carried on till I explained that I had the right to protect my wife from such filth and gestured they may want to desist which they did. My wife an ex landlady said she had heard worse but that was not the point. So I now find it difficult to go any where without hearing swearing.
It has now crept into FaceBook any one using bad language on my face book I delete as again people must have a very low vocabulary to actual right a swear word, mind you the rate I am going I doubt whether I will have any friends on Face Book it seems twitter is better

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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