Friday, June 11, 2010

Cuts in Uni

Whinging Students
The Government have said that the cost of Universities has to be cut and I quite agree hear are some ideas
!) Lecturers earn their money by taking more lectures, this way we can cut back on lecturers
2) Cut back on research, this is a luxury the Public can only afford when times are prosperous, get the private sector to fund this
3) Shortened the Holidays Christmas 1 week, Easter 1 week, Summer 3 weeks, that’s about what the rest of us get and you would be able to cut the courses down by at least a year. Government save money and the students do not spend so much.

Pubs and Clubs in University Towns are booming yet Students have no money? Students have no money but manage to go on a Gap year?

With 45% of youngsters going to University, there is over kill many can not get jobs after they graduate, many courses are not worth the paper they are written on are invented to so more Tutors get jobs and various governments can say how marvellous they are, What this country needs is tradesman Plumbers, Carpenters, Electricians etc then maybe we can get rid of all this foreign labour which has added to our crisis. Or do the middle classes think letting their children go into trade is demeaning

Martin Clarke

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