Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Clarke Family visit Turkey

Holiday in Turkey

I organised a holiday in Kalkan Turkey for myself and Valerie plus 5 grandchildren, John, Vicky, Susan and Anthony. In January 2010 I was 60 and we celebrated our 40th wedding so I thought I would splash out and make this a memorable year. A five bedroom Villa was hired which had a swimming pool, marvellous view plus much more it was not cheap but worth every penny and I could recommend it to anyone. Why not have a look on the internet at http://www.kalamardream.com/index.html

Kalkan is a small Mediterranean resort known as the Beverley Hills of the Turquoise Coast. Cobbled streets wind down to the small harbour where visiting yachts lie at anchor and gullets line up to take visitors out to Snake or Mouse islands which appear to float on the crystal clear water. Kalkan is a small town with a cosy intimate feel about it, the visitors return year after year, and many have purchased properties and built new lives there, enjoying at least 300 days of sunshine and far away from the pressure of the outside world

The family had a great time the weather was great, food was great, the sea was like a tepid bath and the people were the most friendly you could meet. The whole place was clean beyond belief every toilet was tiled top to bottom and regularly cleaned, it is a hilly area and having my new hip only 10 weeks ago I am not back to the fitness I would like to be, so puffing, panting and sweating was order of the day.
Turkey is no longer cheap prices have risen dramatically since I was there last June. The roads and the driving leave a lot to be desired and the fact the airport was a two hours drive gave a lot of comments from the kids “We nearly there” but the beauty of the whole coast line made up for this.
Scooters seem to be the main mode of transport it is nothing to see a whole family on one scooter, Mum, Dad and two children, plus who needs a truck to transport good when you have a scooter.

Turkey is well worth a visit, the only thing that puts me of returning is the journey!

Why? well I live with in an hour of Gatwick we are told we now have to arrive three hours in advance, three hours in a place with extortionate prices, then on aeroplane with seats so small my knees touch the seat in front and my shoulders wider then the seat, four more hours of frustration, then two more hours going through Dalaman airport, then a further two hours car drive, A 12 hour journey and you arrive in the foulest of moods not a good way to start a holiday. On our return we spent over an hour checking in, why they do not allocate seats and tickets in advance is beyond me then all you need to do is go to Bag drop of point to off load your suit cases. Dalaman air port is even more expensive you are no longer allowed to bring bottled water in so you are forced to buy water at £2.50p a bottle, small beer is £7 and a snickers bar is £3.50p, Dalaman airport is a total rip off. Yet I endured all of that and still had a good holiday


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