Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Hard Times Ahead

Hard times ahead
Because of Labour mismanagement the UK is heading for hard times and our new coalition government have told us we the public can put our suggestions forward.
With riots in Spain, Greece and the TUC predicting the same will happen in the UK when the Public Sector pay cuts hits there will be trouble ahead, interestingly enough when all the foreign labour were taking Englishman’s jobs the TUC were very silent .
Has anyone thought of curbing the extravagances of the European Union, we in GB contribute £40 million a day to this corrupt organisation, the obvious answer is to leave but that will not happen as too many politicians have their finger in the pie. One answer is to trim their Civil Service by say 30% this would save us £12 million a day another idea is to send all the foreign cheap labour working on the Olympics back home, I recently read that 70% of the Labour on this project was foreign. Give there jobs to Englishman who would no longer claim the Dole and would pay tax on their earnings.
Finally on a Local level why did Morrison’s bring 200 foreign workers from the North down to the new Ware House those jobs should have gone to local workers and one final point when the company who bought the old Mill site apply for housing permission the Council should only agree if they employ English workers and a penalty clause should be included to make sure they do.
I hope our New MP Gordon Henderson can put these ideas forward to the PM

Martin Clarke

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