Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I am a F**K because I am against swearing

It's funny how people get upset about the strangest of things an item appeared on my facebook using the word F**K I do not like this type of language so I replied

Martin Clarke Great Film love the big throws and exciting explosive sport but still not happy about headbutts, kick to groin and ground and pound

Saturday at 08:30 · .Grahm Governor That headbutt was fucking sweet!
Yesterday at 02:34.

Martin Clarke Grahm Governor will be removing you from my facebook I see no need to use bad language

Yesterday at 08:43 · .Ken Pfrenger Well it was fucking sweet.

Yesterday at 11:38.Martin Clarke Obviously we have different attitudes on good manners Goodbye

Yesterday at 12:25 · .Ken Pfrenger I take it all in context...there are times where a person saying fuck is just spot on...like..."That headbutt was fucking sweet!". I don't find that offensive at all but when I read a blog like yours where gay people are referred to as "homo's"...well I find that offensive. And mind you I am not even all that sympathetic.

Expressive language compared to calling people homo's...well you do the math.
13 hours ago.Christopher Amendola Pompous much?

2 hours ago.Ken Pfrenger LOL!

2 hours ago.SamboMan Josh I have just logged on I can not see what you getting upset about either of you
about an hour ago

Stephen Koepfer That video was fucking sweet!

I relpiede basicaly saying that I saw no need to use the F88K word and I did use the word Homo and i objected to the slang word Gay as it is an old English word meaning Frivolous,happy. out going his reply

Ken PfrengerJune 15, 2010 at 6:33pm
Re: Homosexualls
You could not leave a reply because you unfriended me. Have you not read your own blog? In the first couple of pages the word homo comes up in three blog post titles.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not a huge gay rights supporter. I think they should be treated just like everyone else but I just find it ironic that the 'f' word is offensive to you yet you feel ok using the word homo which is a known derogatory slag term just as Fag is used here in the USA. I guess that if you feel homo is not a slur then that is another thing but that is not common usage and you know it is not.

Yes he was right I had used the word Homo but in the title of the article the headings being copied from Newspaper articles, because I am critical of minority groups who get preferable treatment over others I listed as homophobic, Anti women or racist. Yet one tittled "Prison for Homo's" I said it was disgusting that two guys were put in prison for 14 years just because they were homosexual So I am dammed if I do and dammed if I don't

I do not think it would look very good if a head of organisation goes around writing letters using bad language

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