Tuesday, November 01, 2011


I have been moaning about Morrison’s employing nearly all eastern Europeans instead of local labour and I would continually quote the fact they said they would only employ 20% Foreign Labour. No w I thought this was part of their planning consent but I was wrong there is nothing in their planning permission to say they have to they have to employ local labour So where did this rumour start from and why did not Morrison’s or Swale B C not deny this and say “Martin Clarke why do you not get your facts right?”  WHY because it suited both of them to continue the rumour

So Should the Council have put in a clause in Planning stating they want at least 80% local Labour? Would they have been allowed to ask the question?

With nearly all Farms in the district employing Foreign Cheap labour and with more and more medium size businesses on Trading estates employing cheap foreign labour we will soon have most of the British people in Swale unemployed, shops will soon all become eastern European owned and English people will be expected to learn a foreign language to get served.

I recently signed a petition to get Parliamentary hearing on the fact we are heading for a country of 70 million which is unsustainable. The interesting thing was that the figures for Foreigners in this country are only 20% are from the European Union. If this case and we got rid of the other 80% there would be enough work for both the British and the EU citizens. EU workers could be spread out through the UK and I would not have to walk down Sittingbourne High Street and here a multitude of foreign languages and wonder if I am in a foreign country

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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