Monday, November 21, 2011

Val's Birthday 65

Valerie is 65 today, happy birthday have treated her and the rest of the family to a lovely Chinese at the George Teynham Had a brilliant night out, all the Grand Children were present , John was their with is young lady, Susan was their alone, her husband has cleared of with some Grandmother, so I am told (must keep my hands to myself) and Donna is still not talking to her mother, maybe when have gone she will realise what a friend her mother was.

So as you can see this getting old is not all it is cracked up to be, but at least Val and I are still together and I know it sounds soppy I love more now then I did when I married her. I know! stop being sick one of the side effects of getting old is you start getting emotional. So she has had the meal she wanted, next I will take her to Bruges in a couple of weeks time for the Christmas Market plus I gave her a cash bonus on her retirement. That was a joke!  all the time I am about she can not retie, it was bad enough going to Lithuania last weekend and having to pack my suitcase for the return journey

Mind you she is in good nick she went for a check up because she has reached 65 Blood Pressure 120 /75 Blood Suger 6.5 Cholesteral 3.5 Pulse 67 that something some 20 year olds wouldlike I know I would want them figures Oh and she lost 7lbs. Thanks to the Wee I bought her last Christmas she is on it 5 days a week plus she uses a vibrating board

Yet sometimes life throws up little gems this was an article that appeared in the Daily Mail on her birthday

Sex and the over-65s: The secret to a happy retirement can be found between the sheets Read more:


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