Thursday, November 24, 2011

Border Control and EU

Two things caught my eye in the paper today the first was the Civil Servants Strike. Sorry I do not have a lot time for these well cosseted workers who work in a protected environment not known to workers in the real world but they may have a point in that if they signed a contract when they started work which states they can retire before any other worker and get a handsome pension in the bargain, that contract must be honoured no matter how bad it is. Yet after saying that is this strike really necessary? It seems we are drifting back to the Union dominated 1970's. With only 25% of the Union voting for a strike how can they validate strike action? The Union also show scant regard for the security of this country when they insist their Immigration Staff strike leaving our borders open to terrorists. Border Control Office should not be allowed to strike, like the Police, for national security sake.
Secondly read the piece about Europe when will the Political Establishment realise the EU is an undemocratic dictatorship and is no use to the British people

Civil servants brought in to man Britain's border as staff go on strike

  • Emergency cover needed for next week's public sector walkout

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