Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I am in a bad mood

I had to go to Vilnius Lithuania for the World Sambo Championships; the journey was horrendous first the M25 and M1 with its road works an mad Lorry Drivers. You are told to travel at 50 mph yet theses juggernaught monster are just a few feet behind you with all their light on trying to push you on, no wonder there are accidents. Yes and most were foreign, to top it all some were on the phone other were lighting up fags or drinking. Then arrive at Luton airport (we no longer use the correct term aeroport) where about 80% are foreign national and nearly all eastern European, not that I minded as they are going back to their own country, departure gate was like a cattle herding station where we waited stacked together for boarding. Had a good seat on the plane till some one brought a 6 month baby on board and sat behind and cried continually for 2 ½ hours. Return was not better on the Monday had another baby behind me and the plane was full with more Lithuanians taking English jobs, then into passport control where the queue was nearly 400 yards the equivalent of going around a running track, their excuse for this was it is always busy on a Monday as all Johnny Foreigner returns from a weekend break, nothing to do with the fact got a bol**cking for not doing their job properly.

As a lot of us said the EU was doomed to failure and the Euro crisis we are proved right but the Europhiles want to keep it alive so they can enjoy luxurious life style. Now my cousins in Germany are ordering us to do as we are told and that quisling Nick Clegg or that Boy as I call him agrees with him. Our mate Dave Cameron talks a good talk about the EU but he can not do the walk. Can not wait to see the film “IRON LADY” watch a Prime Minister who had bottle.

So all the Irish Tinkers are going to move back on Dale Farm after their holiday in Ireland its about time this scum were put in their place lock up and destroy their caravans if they continue to break the law.

So poor litter Rich kid David Gilmore son of some one in Pink Floyd is released after doing a ¼ of his sentence? I bet he is having a good laugh at our expense, he is no better then them Irish Tinker Scum

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