Saturday, November 26, 2011

Public Sector Strike

I think the strike by the Public Sector workers is wrong not necessarily because of their grievance. Although after reading details of the pension scheme it seems better for the lower paid but thy do not count for much when it comes to the Unions. No it is the fact that they do not have a mandate to strike with only 25% voting in favour. Surely it must have at least 51% of its membership in favour. Now if someone doesn’t vote that must be seen as a No vote and if the Unions put up such a bad case to their members the majority do not vote that is the fault of the Unions.

The hypocrisy comes from David Cameron Pseudo Libdem government, they say this undemocratic because the majority did not vote for it yet when the majority of the people want a referendum on Europe it was rejected. They threatened to rush through parliament laws to stop the unions striking on such a low turnout, yet they can not rush through laws to stop immigration which is killing this country or laws to stop squatters.

The one day strike will not effect the general public a great deal it will be a one day inconvenience that is all, this is about the left wing Unions having a battle with Conservative led government. Something I thought I saw the last of in the 1970’s and 80’s both are wrong and both do not care about the public.

Father of 7/7 victim snubs the

press inquiry 'hijacked by celebrities'

Totally agree with him it seems these celebs like the publicity when it suits them

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