Friday, November 04, 2011

EU Dictatorship-Lesbians-TV in Kids rooms

Merkel threat to Greece: We'll kick you out of EU if you hold referendum
Greece is going through turmoil most of it is of there own making and they have  to make some drastic cuts which will affect every individual in Greece. So rightly so the President of the home of Democracy says he will consult the people and have a Referendum. This does not suit the Political Elite in the European Union so they threaten Greece who now looks like giving in to the European Union Dictatorship. This is led by the German Leader, hopefully the German people will not be fooled by another dictator wanting to be the Empress of Europe but we must beware did we not have some one in GB recently who wanted to stop a referendum  of course it was that EU quisling David Cameron

Got told of yesterday I was in the company of two other chaps and referred to Lesbians as Dykes I am told Lesbian and Homosexuals can call each other Dykes and Poofs   but the rest of the population 98.5% are not. I am told that Lesbians are referred to” as Ladies who wear sensible shoes” Good Job we have Freedom of Speech in GB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Floella Benjamin: Why we must take TV sets and computers out of

children’s bedrooms
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