Sunday, November 06, 2011

Bredgar Lower Halstow Fireworks

Interesting weekend on the local scene on Friday night we popped up to Bredgar Village Shop and café, for some months they have being doing a take away Friday for Curry and Fish and chips. Both I and Val thought we would pop in and have a sit down curry and was great. The curry was what I call an English version of curry rice on a plate with the curry in the middle, spicy but not over the top great. Met Drew and his wife there and had a good old chin wag with a glass of wine. There is talk that they will open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for food, drinks and a chat. Let face it we could do with something like that in the area as we have plenty of restaurants where you eat and go most do not want you sitting their all night, as for Pubs they are either gloried restaurants or have these massive TV’s, with loud music and loud people, So Bredgar café open up and get back to what a pub used to be somewhere to meet and talk.

Saturday I grandkids wife and son visited the newly rebuilt Thames Barge the Edith May at Lower Halstow; during winter months it’s a small café. Really great going into an old barge seeing the work they have done in restoring it to its previous glory. The barge is heated by a long burner so you get the smell of the burning wood, also you can smell the reclaimed timber not everyone taste but it added to the authenticity of the Craft. In the summer it takes people out for cruises maximum of 12 people cost for a days trip is £720 bring your own food i.e. £60 a head, I think that is reasonable do I have any takers?

Bonfire Night always bring back memories from child, getting a pipe and aiming rockets at Trevor Jordan’s house which was 6 doors away, lifting the pipe and thinking I can use it like a bazooka but forgetting that the one end should be blocked, the rocket falling out the back and whizzing across the ground. Did you get up the following morning to see how many dead rockets you could find? More importantly can you remember why you done it? Can you remember the naughty boys? I remember one boy I knew who put a banger down a Red Pile Box will not mention his name as became a Policeman. Me being taken to court because of a Firework, some of you may remember the old town hall (where NatWest is now) well there used to be an alley way there. I walking one way and a school chum, Dennis Roper, was coming the other way he threw a banger at me which landed at my feet and exploded. For two 14 year olds this was hilarious but to women nearby with a child did not think so she started screaming and before I knew it was grabbed by a Copper. I was hauled up to the nick I think it was still in Park Road then and charged with something or other. My next step was magistrate’s court, where I said it was not my firework but someone else, The beak said they had heard that one before and fined me 17/6D, as he done this he looked up at my father and said “Nobby make sure he pays it not you” I found out that dad had done several judo demo’s at Fetes for the Magistrate. That did not help me I still had to pay and got a whack in the process.

Needless to say I am no longer keen on fireworks

Martin McCuskar, Secretary of the local Labour Party. out burst in the EKG last week about Gordon Henderson MP not getting up to speak on the debate on the EU referendum and then suggesting  he should join UKIP tells me he must be a new boy on the block. The Conservative Party locally has always been EU Sceptic as far back as when   Roger Moate was our MP he voted against us becoming members of the Common Market now called the EU, this vote affected his rise to become a minister but he like Gordon was a man of honour. Gordon has never shied away for his conviction on being EU sceptic but he is a good local MP extremely active in the constituency and he lives and has lived in the constituency for decades can that be said of our last Labour MP NO. Unlike our last MP who was flown in Gordon was selected by his local members much to the dismay of Conservative central office why? Because he is not a YES man his first thought is for his constituency

 I personally detest this Coalition Government and believe Cameron has become their poodle forgetting lots of Conservative policies but I can not  blame them for the awful mess this country is in because of Martin McCuskar Labour Party but I do not blame him for clutching at straws trying to convince people that the Labour party is any use in a modern Free Great Britain. Two other points several labours MP’s voted for a referendum and did not Gordon get the largest swing to the Conservatives in the Country?

I am not a Conservative because of David Cameron I am a Conservative because of Gordon Henderson and our local Councillors

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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