Sunday, November 27, 2011

£8 an hour for a tradesman?

If 745 youngsters are out of work in my town, why can't I find a recruit?

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He pays £8 an hour as a qualified Cabinet Maker you must be joking by all means pay a low wage while they are learning but its no incentive to spend years on low wages learning a trade then come out to £8 an hour that £64 a day. Or is this a proper apprenticeship or just another scam to pay low wages; did this Kid come away with all the correct City and Guilds? In 1988 I was building my gym and I had to pay the going rate for a tradesman £120 t0 £150 a day (mind you we had Maggie at the helm in those days) now they will work for £80 a day now understand why when Eastern Europeans undercut and greedy employers make a bigger profit

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