Monday, November 28, 2011

Aid, Beer, Xfactor and Drugs

Had to put this article on the blog we still give aid to India, China and Zimbabwe, now the mega rich South Africa  is to get aid do you wonder sometimes if some official or MP is taking a back hander

The only reality TV programme I watch is strictly mainly because I can see the skill and advancement of the contestants still think it is to long winded. As for the corrupt X Factor that is where Karaoke singer gets together for a sing song, well past its sell by date. Now if you are someone who watches the ridiculous Get me out the Jungle, you have the same mentality as those women who used to knit round the Guillotine during the French Revolution. What is gained by these forgotten celebrities taking their stupid tasks and then get an audience to watch them suffer, DISGUSTING. Lets return to the days when TV produced Drama programs and good comedy but the reality programmers are cheap to watch and cater for the lower masses.

If the Euro crashes why will it be catastrophic for GB? Now I genuinely ask the question because I cannot see it, because we will trade with the same countries but just in different currencies. Its collapse will eventually lead the fall of the EU saving us £Billions in memberships fees, if you are a politicians or economist please let me know

2 youngsters die from taking dodgy drugs at a party and many are seriously ill, did anyone make them take drugs? What a waste of life just because someone wanted to reach a high, this is a time when I am glad to be in my 60’s and never got involved in that ridiculous fad in my teens it was a job to afford a pint of mild. While on the subject of drinking, on Saturday Val did some babysitting so I went out for couple of drinks with my brother Norman. What a culture shock, went into Bunters a proper pub but the lads in there must have been drinking for some hours because they were all pi@@ed, the language and the shouting was too much plus I knew most of them so wanted shake hands with me and kiss me UGH, walked up to see John in the Ypres and the amount of people outside the Vineyard shouting and swearing and been general abusive was beyond belief, I can understand why decent people do not want to use the High Street on a Friday and Saturday night. Mind you the last business you want to be in today is the Pub game, it is that bad pubs now put on entertainment on a Saturday to get people to drink and beer is going up next year. Ended up in the Sun at Bredgar where at least you could hear yourself talk but was only half full.

Anger at aid to help Africa cope with climate change: As UK faces economic meltdown, ministers hand over £330m

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