Friday, June 08, 2012

Euro Disaster


So the Euro continues to be a mess but our politicians and EU bureaucrats will not let it fail. Our Prime Minister and the other fool Clegg tells us that it must be saved for the sake of the UK WHY? Greek investments in UK is becoming a stampede because they recognise the £ Stirling as a safe currency because we are not in the Euro. We are not part of the Euro and it is none of the business of the UK government sticking its nose into the business of the EU.

Yet the Germans who actually control the Euro now insist the only way to save the currency is to become a United States of Europe and I wonder who would control that. I had a German mother and still regularly visit Germany to see relations but there are still some in Germany who want to rule Europe, where Hitler failed with war and attrition Merkel will achieve with guile and subterfuge
Of course our politicians will say NO to a European Super State that will be their Public Face but in reality they want it because the thought of jumping on the gravy train and become exceeding rich just for being a politician will be what they want. They already are saying we will have to have referendum Great! Yet in there second breath say it will not be whether we want come out of the EU or stay in it will be about some treaty. Of course if it is turned down the EU will say vote again until they get their way something they done in Ireland or they will get it accepted by Parliament through the back door.

I believe more then ever before that EU is an evil corrupt organisation supported by corrupt people

So we become a United States of Europe how will that effect our sportsman, no longer will they compete for Britain in the Olympics they will have to compete as part of the United States of Europe Team. Before you Pro EU nuts say that is untrue, the USA which competes as one Country and they made of Various States, these States are not like our Counties they have a lot more power in fact some were countries in their own right at one time, the Ex Soviet Union had many countries under its wing and they competed as one Nation. So BEWARE!!!!!!!           

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