Friday, June 29, 2012


So in todays papers we see that various bankers have been cheating yet again but no one is to be prosecuted, we have America’s most prolific paedophile has not be deported because it effects his human rights, a Afghan terrorist who admits killing British Soldiers being allowed to stay in GB and receive benefits because of the Human Rights Act. The last Labour Government are to Blame for this stupid Human Rights act they signed up for it BUT they are not in Government the Conservatives are and they promised to get out of the Human Rights Act and what have they done NOTHING they rather spend time on Gay Marriage and creating some new House of Lords
Now when we start to see the rise of Vigilantly groups taking the law into their own hands, and there are a lot of ex soldiers who have lost comrades in Afghanistan as far I am concern this Afghan Terrorists is a legitimate target, the only people to blame for a future PAUL KERSEY (Death Wish) will David Cameron, Nick Clegg and this disgraced Coalition Government a their Cabinet

 Oh I forgot 2 young men were found guilty of ill treating 6 chickens it seem on a stag do they put these chickens into the Bride Grooms rooms as a drunken prank, later releasing them in to the wild later it seems one was killed. The RSPC Secret Police are on the hunt for this murderer, RSPCA have warned other chickens not to tackle this culprit his description is as follows has four legs, is mainly red in appearance, has a long bushy tail and blood on his lips. Human Rights Lawyers have advised the culprit who they have nicknamed Reynard to contact them immediately

Martin Clarke

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