Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weather getting old and rear end

Was meant to go away to a nice little campsite near Goudhurst at the weekend but made the fatal mistake of listening to the Weather men on TV who predicted gales, thunderstorms etc. so cancelled the trip. Needless to say none of it happened and we missed a weekend away. In one way I was annoyed with the science of Meteorology surely with all the gizmos they have they can at least get that right but then again I thought “Thank God that man does not control everything in this world” Stayed in and saw repeats on BBC why they have the cheek to make us pay for a license is beyond me.

As you get older you obviously aware of people you know getting older but what amuses me when someone get older and starts to look old and a bit decrepit people start feeling sorry for them and make allowances for their behaviour. Yet some of these people in there younger days were bullies, drunks, thieves, con men, would not work and lived on the dole, well have to be honest I know quite a few of them and believe they deserve everything that God gives them. What concerns me those who have led a good wholesome Christian life who have to suffer in old age. Those kids we went to school with who were bullies, sly and devious do not change they just know how to control these things or more importantly no how to hide it

If I hear one more person on TV saying Homosexuals Sex act is normal I will scream, how can it be normal to poke anything up the rear end. I dread the time when I go for my annual check up and the Doctor says drop your trousers and get on the couch and bring your knees up to your chest, what’s worse is when he puts on the rubber gloves and then smiles at you! Those who watched last weeks Silk will know not what I mean. Certainly not my Armageddon.

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