Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Housing Benefit

The Government stance on Housing Benefit I believe is the right one as a landlord I am for ever getting enquires from 17 /18/19 year olds to rent one of my flats on the majority of occasions their parents telephone for them, most are not working and most want to move in with their boyfriend, girlfriend and this with encouragement from their parents! I will not accept anyone under 30, my experience with youngsters have all been bad from late night parties to not paying rent, most of my tenants are 50 plus and working. Where has long engagement gone? Where has being married gone? Where has parental responsibility gone?
Yet after saying this by the time I was 25 I had three children that was in the 1970’s when there was full employment and luckily enough I did not need housing benefit and to be quite honest I did not know such a thing existed.
Today there is massive unemployment for British Subjects although there are plenty of jobs for foreign workers, so a young family under 25 may not be at fault about being unemployed so should they be penalised NO by all means a single person or a couple with out children should be told to look for cheaper accommodation rather the sponge of the tax payer as for single teenage mothers they should remain with their parents or live in hostels under the control of a warden (surrogate parent) the same goes for young couples who will not work and live of benefit.

Yet the real problem is we have a benefit system that pays too much and doesn’t encourage work, I believe the long time unemployed who refuse to work
 Should have most of their benefit taking away and replaced with Food and Clothing stamps, there should be regular visits by Dole Officers who would check on them and also notice if they are cheating the system. Before the do gooders say this is disgusting can I say what is disgusting is that they are cheating the rest of us who work and they are most probably bringing up children in the same dishonest way?

Before we can do this we have to get jobs for these people to take, at the moment we have none. I have said that we have a welfare system that is too generous but wecan not entirely blame those on welfare a lot has to with Employers who for to long have not bothered training Brits and used cheap foreign Labour, most who do not contribute to this country and actively take money out of the country by sending it to their home country also the unions are to blame they enforced employers to pay ridiculous wages to apprentices. When I was young it was taken for granted that an apprentice was paid a low wage while he or she learnt their trade, as their reward came when they qualified and could demand a much higher wage then an unskilled worker.

So the start is to get rid of Foreign workers and truly abide by the saying “British Jobs for British Workers” this will not be done straight away but one thing that can be done is impose a levy on an employers who hires foreign labour, this will give them the incentive to employ locals also reintroduce the YTS also make all companies produce figures on how British employers they have and how many Foreign workers, this may upset companies like Morrison’s but tough. The YTS scheme, frowned upon by the lefties, did give a lot of youngsters a trade or an introduction to work. Finally relax the Employment laws so companies do not have to use the disgraced and disgusting AGENCY system, a system that produced the film “On the Waterfront”

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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