Monday, June 04, 2012

God Save the Queen

In the last 15 years I can not find a lot to be proud of about being British we had a labour government that nearly crippled us a Coalition Government that is just as bad as the Labour one renegading on most of its promises. There is corruption in every aspect of Public Life, MP’s are considered no better then second hand car dealers when it comes to keeping their word. Both governments have allowed millions of immigrants in sucking the lifeblood out of the country and putting millions of Brits on the Dole. Businesses giving jobs to immigrants rather then their fellow countryman Bankers getting millions of pounds for wrecking the economy. The decline of Morals where no one condemns a 15 year old for having a child, where feckless fathers refuse to pay for their offspring, where drink and drugs are the only way to enjoy life, where criminals can create murder and mayhem and be released after just a few years need I say more. Well yes I am proud of our armed services I wish all our youngsters were like them.

After saying all this my heart and faith in this Country is being revitalised thanks to her Majesty the Queen. Because of her Jubilee I have watched a lot of TV about the Royal Family, her dedication to duty, her dedication to her family and country and her belief in the Christian faith has been inspiring to me and many millions of others. The flotilla up the Thames finalising with the singing of Land of Hope and Gory was awe-inspiring.  The Queen bring a stability and sense of belonging to the Country, she is above politics and above politicians,

Can you imagine what it would be like with a President of a secular UK if you think GB is bad now what would it be like under that regime? The thing the republicans say is that we would choose who is our figure head but considering only about 50% of the population vote and out of that the vote would be split so the majority would not get who they want. That is the same reason why we do not have a true Democracy because we will only have government which the majority have not voted for. That is why I believe voting should be a legal requirement.


PS If you have not watched the film IRON LADY do so. She is the only politician I really believed in and it reminded we of why I joined the Conservative Party something I have forgotten over recent years

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