Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lord Coe and Sport

Lord Coe, who won his first Olympic gold in 1980, said shows such as The X Factor encourage young people to think they can become 'famous for nothing'.
'We have to be careful we don't create a celebrity-driven culture where young people think it is better to be famous for nothing than be anonymous for doing something creative.'
 This is what I have been saying for the last 12 months we have seen it particularly in our Junior Judo Section, which in 10 years has dropped from 400 to 40, although X factor is not the only reason. Discipline in Schools and in the family has floundered over the years for what ever reason, addiction to computer games etc., youth culture which encourages drug and alcohol abuse, exam systems which give automatic certification at the end of a course, No apprenticeships where young people learn from older people, I could go on. Yet those youngsters who do attend still want to work hard but do not like the idea of competition something that has been discouraged by the educational elite.
 After saying all that we are seeing an increase in Adult participation 25 to 35 being the main age group, most not interested in competition but are using grappling arts o get fit and they work very hard mind at our club the have to

 I have included the article it is worth a read 
Why The X Factor could scupper our Olympic hopes, says Lord Coe as he blasts 'famous for nothing celebrity culture'

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