Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Sittingbourne News Letters not Balanced

2 letters appeared in the Sittingbourne News in support of Homosexual Marriage, I sent in a letter saying why we should not have this type of thing as per usual these newspapers have their own agenda

Dear Sir

I tried contacting you on the phone but got no reply I am contacting you about the letters you printed in support of Gay Marriage, I recently sent you a letter stating I was against it I would have thought you would have printed it to put some sort of balance on the subject
a reply to this email would be courtes  

In response to Keith Nevols and name and address supplied support of Homosexual getting married
1) Keith Nevois opinion "That the Church of England should move with Society" is the reason that the C of E has a diminishing membership. Christians should abide by the teachings of Jesus Christ whether it is popular or modern or moving with the times. The idea of Keith Nevois that he know more then God and his church should alter the Scriptures to follow the trends of Modern Society is not on.
2) Name and address suggest that Gordon Henderson is living in the Dark Ages on the contrary it is the opinion of N A A that will take us back to an age of No Morals an Age which Man  believes they are God. It is you N A A who is blinded by ignorance
3) read the attached why I think there is no need for Homosexual Marriage

Dear Editor
In last weeks paper  MP Gordon Henderson was in a quandary about Homosexuals getting married, It is my belief this very small minority group should not be allowed the sacrament of marriage. WHY?

1)    For thousands of years the principle of marriage was a Man & Women making a contract to live together, for the procreation of children (still the proven best way for children to live), the bringing together of two families and most importantly for the love of each other this is the case in most Christian Cultures, some other religions would allow a man to take more then one wife but none have ever said a Man can marry a Man or a Women can marry a Women.

2)    Is there a need for Homosexuals to Marry NO! they have Civil Partnership. In terms of Law Civil partnerships in the United Kingdom, granted under the Civil Partnership Act 2004, give same-sex couplesrights and responsibilities identical to civil marriage. Something that made sense if you live with a person for a long time and share everything then you should have some protection

3)    A civil partnership is a relationship between two people of the same sex so a normal sexed couple can not have a civil partnership a brother and sister can not have a civil partnership (this could be useful for legal protection)

4)    Two elderly spinsters went to the European Court because they wanted a civil partnership, as it would protect them from inheritance tax. They were refused because they were Sisters

5)    So The Civil Partnership is legislation for Homosexuals and Lesbians, so why can not Heterosexuals have a state of Partnership purely for them something we call Marriage

I can not understand why the Homosexual/Lesbian Community have so many extra rights above normal people, they have legislation that give positive discrimination in jobs such as Civil Servants, Police, Fire Service etc. they are not given jobs on their ability first and foremost, maybe that is why there is such fall in standards in our Public Service. Governments of all colours seem to have an unhealthy interest in all forms of obscure sexual habits of the population that says more about them then it does us the ordinary man in the street.

Just one final point the Office for National Statistics (ONS) says 480,000 (1%) consider themselves gay or lesbian, and 245,000 (0.5%) bisexual. So that’s 1.5% of the population so why is this Conservative government wasting time and money on a small minority Their are a lot more important issues they should be dealing with.

Gordon stick to your religious belief do not compromise just for the sake of appeasing this Political Correct LibDem Prime Minister, you have always been a man of conviction. Stop the rot before we move in to a total Secular Society a society of No Morals and beliefs

Martin Clarke Valmar House Sittingbourne

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