Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fat people and Prison

Why is that this country has so many Fat people and do not mean a bit over weight I mean grotesquely fat, one women I saw in the high street who was in her late twenties was wearing a nice Summer dress which you could see the outline of her stomach which hung down to her knees. It is not just women, while at the Sea food stall a chap got out of his car with great difficulty his stomach was wedged against his Steering wheel good job he was in a Four x Four, both could not walk properly. Yet we live in an age where we are constantly told that obesity is dangerous, there is so many agency that people with eating problems can go to there is no need to be fat and there disgusting eating and drinking habits are a drain on the NHS plus majority are spongers who refuse to work or incapable of work. I am 62, 6ft 2ins and weigh 24 stone and admitted I am ex International Judo and Sombo player so always have been big and always trained since I was a teenager but I have to watch what I eat and drink and I train 5 days a week to try and keep fit, yes it is not always easy but my chest is still bigger then my stomach.

So things have changed since the 1960’s 70’s Women were slim wearing things like pencil skirts, they drank BabyCham or Cherry B now its Pints, Women would not get drunk in public now it’s the done thing for them to get drunk, be sick in the gutter, bear their breasts. When you were on the beach you always covered up when coming of the beach now you walk down the town with your beach style wear skimpy shorts, tops just covering the breast, the same for men now they have signs saying “No shirts no Services” Yet I am told I am old fashioned maybe so but how long before men and women will be in the high street with just swim wear? It would not be so bad if they had the figure of people of the 1960’s/70’s but the great majority are those Fatties who have no concept of respect in the way they look

Why is that todays generations never take responsibility for they do, there is always an excuse or some do gooder tells us it’s not their fault. Let me give you an example:
A Judo Player of my acquaintance was put in prison for dealing drugs, good job to no sympathy what so ever, yet several Christmas ago he wrote to me
“ Dear Martin
I am here stuck in prison at Christmas, as you can see not a nice place to be, to make me feel better could you award me my 6th Dan it would cheer me and make a marvellous Christmas present”
This chap was a member of my organisation but held no grade; his grades were given by other organisations.
Did I reply? Of course I did here is my reply

“A 6th Dan is not just for Christmas”

Surprisingly he has not been in contact since; hopefully he rots in Prison for all I care. He should not be released until he has admitted he done something wrong and is sorry

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