Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yes I did watch it

Well I did watch the Olympic Opening something I swore I would not do. So what happened I was in my caravan watching a repeat of Vera during the interval I switched over to BBC and was completely mesmerised by the whole pageant, sat watching till the end of the display. No one can say it was not well produced. The rising of the Chimney stacks what impressed me most and the James Bond sketch with her Majesty showed what a marvellous monarch she is and she he in touch with her subject. The Tory MP who said it took a very left wing look at the UK was right but then that should have been expected it was started under a Labour Government and the Producer Mr Doyle is known for his left wing views
Couple of things I did not understand was the NHS bit? Abide with me being sung to some weird dancing montage, the hymn I understood but was the dance all about?  Why did they miss out Status Quo they have sold more records then nearly everyone? Why do they try changing history by putting Black people in parts of UK history when there was none, most Black people came over on the Windrush in the 1950’s which was portrayed and they came an integral part of society, so why suggest they were owners and bosses during the Industrial revolution. Why was not more shown of our Empire and how we ruled great deal of the World? Why did not Maggie Thatcher apper she was one of those who see the fall of Communism? Why Macca surely Chas and Dave would have been more appropriate?
I expect everyone on hindsight will have their own views but I have to agree it was a spectacular event and was quintessentially English, I still convinced it will cost the British Taxpayer a lot of money with a few big companies and a few individuals becoming extremely rich. As for its legacy of getting people involved in sport? The jury is still out

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