Saturday, September 01, 2012

Holiday Non PC Paralympics

I am now on holiday in my caravan in Widdicombe Farm Caravan Park adults only, as per usual after hooking off there was problems the mains electric worked but the 12 volt supplied did not, the importance of this is that TV aerial works of 12 volt. NO TV NO HOLIDAY! So check the fuses every OK, lift all seats check wiring OK. That’s it I am selling this bloody Caravan as I am struggling to get of the floor, Val says nothing, waits for me to calm down and then suggests I go to reception to ask for local Caravan Doctor. Had to agree, arranged for an appointment for the following morning but what about tonight we will have to buy a portable aerial but wait, what does this switch do? OH that’s how you switch on the 12 volt; obviously Valerie had turned it off when she was switching on water pump!

In the evening we visited the Camps Bar as there was some entertainment but as I sat down there was all these old people round me, I mentioned this to Val saying I felt of place she responded by saying we are the same age, BITCH do I need to be reminded! There was excellent singer/comedian Andy Oakley but he did have some Non PC jokes:

A man was throwing petrol over an illegal immigrant I said “What are you doing” he replied “4 to the gallon” needless to say I did not laugh

My dog has an in growing tail; I have to look up his backside to see if he likes me


I have not watched much of this mind you I did not watch a lot of the Olympics but even you feel uncomfortable watching this you have to admire the determination of the athletes. What I liked was when interviewed most said they were athletes doing different types of sports. I just wonder why some of the events can not be included in the Olympics .i.e. Wheelchair events as both disable and able bodied people can enter this? I do not know if there id a tandem event in the Cycling Olympics? As I see we won Gold in a Tandem event with an able bodied front person and the rear was partially sited how can this be classified an event for the disabled or does the lead person only steers? Also I believe that the Judo is divided into various degrees of lack of sight, some players I notice enter normal sited events with some success, surely if you entered able bodied events you should not be eligible for Paralympics? I recently heard that partially sited female Judoka was found to have no major site problems yet she had been receiving funding for many years. It will be interesting to see if there is any enquire into this allegation   



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