Tuesday, August 18, 2015

1/4 of Young brits bat for the other side

Half of young Brits say they are 'not exclusively heterosexual' with a quarter of all UK adults saying they are gay or bisexual

  • YouGov poll asked people to plot themselves on a scale of sexuality
  • The poll ranged from completely heterosexual to 100 per cent gay
  • Survey authors said people now see their sexuality as 'less fixed in stone'

People say I am obsessed about Gay People NO I am obsessed with organisations like Gay Pride who have a political Agenda 

What a ridiculous survey remember YouGov are left leaning group and remember they are same Group who survey said  that the Labour Party would win the election

How many people did they survey?
Who did they survey?  Someone suggested they surveyed that dubious organisation Gay Pride

One moment they say a ¼ of the Population are Gay or bisexual then say 4% are gay, while the Governments, ONS asked around 180,000 UK adults about their self-perceived sexual identity, as part of the Integrated Household Survey. By “sexual identity” we mean how people see themselves at the time the interview takes place.  1.6% of UK adults aged 16+ gave their sexual identity as lesbian, gay or bisexual in 2013. So already there is a discrepancy

Now many people would tell a total stranger from dubious survey group about their sexual behaviour. Any decent person would say mind your own business, what has my private life got to do with you or you could easily say P**s Off

I wonder if the Pink Mafia hired this dubious company to make the survey to convince the public the abnormal sexual behaviour of Gay people is normal?

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