Monday, August 31, 2015

Obsession with Tattos

The Obsession with Tattoos mystifies me, I am obviously total out of touch with modern culture but why do people want mark their body most probably for life just because it is a fashion statement of today? Years ago tattoos were for Gypsies, sailors and the working class not now it seems 90% of the UK have them.

I can understand that sailors used to have them because they thought it protected them from the sea, I understand that groups of people like members of the armed forces would have a Tattoo of their regiment or a particular incident that they were involved in, it was a sign of life long camaraderie some other groups are the same. These in most cases were not as a rule visible when dressed in fact 30 years ago if you had a Tattoo showing it could impede your chance of a Job in fact people with a visible tattoo were only considered fit for manual work. This was totally unfair but fact

Yet now a days we have gone from the indiscreet tattoo to people looking like Maori Warriors with their whole body including the neck and face covered in this so called Body Art.

A 35 year old women on Facebook recently asked where there was a good tattooist as she wanted the names of children stained on her body. I said do not do it because it will be with you for life, the amount of abuse I got from everyone was unbelievable because I suggested it may be something she will regret in later life.

I am 65 and have many friends who had tattoos in their teens and now regret it, so I would advise all those thinking of having a tattoo think very hard because once committed it could be with you for life well after the fad has finished, mind you my own children took no notice of me so why should anyone else.

A final couple of points the price of some of theses tattoos are astronomically priced so having many tattoos is a bit of a status symbol, the more you have the richer you are. I said that they could be with you for life but my daughter has just done a course on Tattoo removal, which I expect will be expensive. So maybe in the future anyone without Tattoos could become status symbols, as people will say “He has money because he has all Tattoos removed”
For those that do not know me, my wife and yours truly we will be the abnormal ones on the beach with no tats

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