Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Shame on Me and Mr Churchill

My opposition to the Swarm of illegal immigrants trying to enter the country has certainly upset the lefties and bleeding hearts. Some said they would welcome the fact that these immigrants should come to his country  and would help them, yet when I said if they could send me their names and addresses as the KCC need foster parents for the so called 14 and 15 year old illegals everything went dead. Another person said shame on me because I was a son of an immigrant obviously refereeing to my German mother, yet if they checked they would have found out that my Father was English his mother was English and his father was from Ireland before the separation which also made him a UK subject and when my father who was English, married a German women she was entitled to live here legally. She also spoke perfect English and taught English in a local School. Now how does that make me a child of an immigrant family?

Mr Churchill has left a new comment on your post "The Immigrants story in Calais is now changing.": 

Hmmm.... ID cards, concentration camps, proclaiming people rather than activities as illegal. You don't happen to have German blood or have been accused or making fascist salutes in the past, have you? 

The anonymous Mr Churchill has made some comments about my blog, which I enjoy printing. Yet I always wonder about the Cowardly behavior of people like him who hide behind anonymity.. On this occasion he accuses me of being a Nazi because of my German Mother. This racist remark Just shows he knows nothing about my mother and certainly has not read my blog properly. Can I challenge this person to make his name and address known plus maybe he should come up with alternatives suggestions to my articles rather then making facile comments

Mr Churchill has left a new comment on your post "What is UK Poverty?": 

Suggest you read up on the difference between relative and absolute poverty. Appreciate that reading and thinking is not your strong suite but I am happy to come round to your house and help with disadvantaged members of the community 

Left Wingers do not like it when you challenge their ideology, I wondered how long it would be before some one would come up with  “there are different types of Poverty”. Typical of the likes of Mr Churchill when they can not back up their case they resort to Insults, because I do not agree with him I obviously do not read or think, he insults me and expect me to invite  someone I do not know to my house  and someone who refuses to give his right address and name . Very strange

Mr Churchill has left a new comment on your post "Comments From Readers":

I think the question here is do we have the freedom to print lies? If a statement is factually incorrect or just an opinion from another passed off as the truth should you publish it? Freedom and truth are inseparable, liberty based on a lie makes fools of us all 
He now pontificates about the freedom to print lies and truth, yet he can lie about my ability to read, think, he lies about me being a Fascist and giving Fascist salutes. Once again if you do not agree with the anonymous Mr Churchill you must be a liar

Mr Churchill has left a new comment on your post "BBC wants us to accept all Immigrants": 

Umm, not true. Are you suggesting the BBC as an organisation wants us to accept all immigrants? Unless you have spoken to every member of the BBC (and I doubt you have) how can you logically make that statement? as a matter of fact the current intake of BBC senior and middle management has been the most conservative dominated for years 

Once again the Anonymous Mr Churchill has not read my blog where did I say that the BBC wants to accept all immigrants? Well I did not. Once again a figment of the anonymous Mr Churchill’s imagination, When people refer to the BBC Policies what ever they are you do not check out everyone who work for them, you refer to it as a Corporation as you would do any other company. As for the comment that BBC senior and middle management is Conservative is laughable or did he mean conservative with a small c dictionary definition:
Favouring the preservation of established 
customs, values, etc., and opposing innovation

The latter I would agree with him

Now come along Mr Churchill give us your real name and address and stop being cowardly

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