Sunday, August 02, 2015

BBC wants us to accept all Immigrants

The problems in Calais are creating National news and so it should be and the PM was quoted as saying these illegal immigrants are a swarm. In my opinion it is exactly the right word but no the BBC and Left wing journalist have all complained it is inhumane to use such a word BULL. With reports in the press how immigrants are put into quality Hotels given 3 meals a day and pocket money, you can understand why the British People are angry. So what does BBC Radio do? They travel to Sweden where the Swedes have practically an open door policy to immigrants, they then get a Swedish Politician telling us that our PM is racist and we should let all of them into our Country and how in the future we will all love each other and be interrogated. Yet in the next interview they visit a town where half the town is now full of immigrants and the only language spoken is Arabic That is integration?

As the problem is a very important issue, BBC Sunday Morning Live have a debate. Here are the four people who were asked to debate the subject I bet you have never heard of any of them:

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown Left wing journalist worked for Guardian Independent NewStatesman
Bishop Stephen Lowe
Christina Patterson Journalist worked for the Independent
Clement Okusi Christian Pastor

The first three are all Left wing idealists and basically tried to tell us we are wrong and should not harass these people. Church of England Bishop tried telling us that these people have travelled from Africa and suffered great hardship, the only proof of this is what the immigrants tell us and lets be honest they would say that wouldn't they, in fact it has been reported that many of them paid 1500$ to people smugglers to get them to Calais. So one moment these Lefties blame people smugglers one moment then tell us they have made a hazard-is journey which is it? Then our Lefty Bishop starts complaining that a pregnant women was trying to reach her husband who as been granted asylum, has he checked her story? Has he found her husband? Was the women telling the truth. They went on to say that these are not illegal immigrants? YES they are they are entering without any passports or VISA if caught they should be returned to France or better still to their place of origin.

The BBC and its leftwing cohorts have no idea of the feelings of the people of this country all they care about is their left wing views and paying themselves exorbitant salaries  

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