Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Corbyn will be good for UKIP

I think Jeremy Corbyn will be a disaster for the Country if elected but as a Conservative voter do I want Conservative Government without a proper opposition NO. I have to admit I like some of his ideas, Maximum Pay levels for those greedy Bankers, Celebs, Charity executive etc. appeals to me but that will not please some of those Left wing luvvies. I always thought it wrong that we have people living on the street n this country and we have the Richard Branson’s of this World owning an Island, we have a group of kids called One Direction with millions for just playing music yet a Farm Worker gets a pittance compared to them. Who contributes more to the Country?  Am I sounding like Socialist yes BUT as I am a pragmatist and I know the World doesn’t operate on the Christian ethos of every one being equal, no matter what type of political philosophy you believe in.

So I like many others have to evaluate what we have and we know that Socialism/Communism doesn’t work the last 50 years have proved that so the other alternative is Capitalism that is far from perfect and in many cases, not all, proves that greed can and will overrule any Human Compassion. Yet out of the two the latter is the one most of approve of and Human nature being what it is will be one we are stuck with

So back to Jeremy Corbyn if he wins and becomes Labours Leader the Conservatives can only benefit but also UKIP will also benefit. Most die hard Labour voters will never vote Conservative; most think the LibDem as wishy-washy party when given the chance to govern made a complete mess of it. Yet UKIP is seen as a party for the ordinary person in the street and if they can’t vote for a backward communist style Labour party then UKIP is the next best thing

Another thing Jeremy has got it right is the people who have become MP’s, they are professional Politicians across all parties people who have little or no experience of the life of an ordinary person, we have the ridiculous situation in Scotland where we a 20 year old girl who is an MP. Yet back in the 1960/70’s an MP was a totally different beast. Most Labour MP’s would have had experience of working maybe as a shop steward or working on the shop floor they would enter Parliament in later life after gathering considerable amount of experience of the working man on the Conservative side there would be Business men and women who gained experience operating business and employing people, as any good business will tell you needed to understand the needs of your workforce to create a successful business

The MP of today is more likely to be a political graduate mid twenties maybe attended a private school, whose first job would be working within the Westminster bubble. Todays MP is a Political Elite who are detached from the public. I am lucky in that we in our constituency we have an MP in Gordon Henderson who is in 50’s and spent most of life working and in local politics.

Never been in favour of Proportional Representation but after seeing UKIP get more votes then the SNP and only gaining one MP while the Lefty SNP getting over 50 MP’s with less votes then UKIP, this tells me that First past the post is not such a good idea

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