Monday, August 31, 2015

Partners in Crime

I have always been a great reader of books and when I was younger I read all the Sherlock Holmes, Just William, Jennings, Miss Marple, Poirot and many others. Yet I never read Agatha Christie’s “Partners in Crime” so when it was on TV I looked forward to it.

What a disappointment that was, the plot was weak and unlike most of her works there would always be a twist. Not this one practically from the first episode you had guessed who the culprits were. As for the TV production it was a disaster with the acting being extremely wooden as for casting David Walliams in the title role was a disaster he definitely is not a serious actor mind you not much of a comedian either. The whole thing was more like a 1950’s TV play, no wonder they showed in the Summer when people are not watching TV. In the afternoon I watched a “Marple” episode, which was tremendous, could not believe that the same author wrote “Partners in Crime”

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