Saturday, August 01, 2015

Ah those poor immigrants?

Everyone agrees that the problem with the illegal immigrants trying to reach the UK from Calais is out of control but lets us not forget those entering our Country illegally are criminals. The leftwing BBC once again has changed the perspective of this situation. Now the onus is on these poor people who are getting killed trying to get to our Country, the reasons they are getting killed is not the fault of us Brits it is their fault for trying to enter the country illegally by dangerous routes. Everyone can apply for asylum and the reason they do not apply is because they know they are not entitled. Most of them are young men although I notice that the BBC are now finding the odd women and child to show on the news, they are entering the Country knowing if they work they are doing so illegally, they contibute nothing just ponce of the people who pay taxes. Surely the time has come to have ID Cards so we can check on these illegallies catch them lock them up and send them back to where they came from.

On Radio 4 this morning they interveiwed an Afghanistan Young man who came here when he was 12, we heard the normal story how hard it was for him to get here! Instead of being gratefull for this Country educating paying for everything thing he has he went into a tirade of abuse about we should accept the immigrants and we should be more caring and Humane, he asserted we should be ashamed of what we are doing to these immigrants. Well this country is full we can not afford these people who contribute nothing to our economy and our people. The question what I would put to him is why has he not returned to Afghanistan to help rebiuld his own Country and support his own family instead of just thinking about himself I would apply this to all those Young Male immigrants who have left their families to fend for themselves. These selfish immigrants need to realise they need to rebuild their own Countries like the people of Europe did after World War 2

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