Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Immigrants story in Calais is now changing.

The Immigrants story in Calais is now changing. From these people being illegal Immigrants once they enter the country illegally becoming Criminals NOW all the reports are being how these poor people have had to travel in great distress how we must be more Humane. Can this be the preamble to being told we will let this swarm of illegal immigrants into the Country?

One ex Labour MP has suggested we build a detention Centre in Dover? Well at first I thought NO WAY but after some thought it makes sense as no matter what the Government does these people do make it to GB. When they do, the Government put them into Hotels, Ferry them up north, feed them and give them pocket money. If we had detention centre we could lock them up until we can return them to their country of origin, when they refuse to give their homeland, which most of them do by destroying their passports, then you leave them in a detention. This will send a message to all those trying to get here and before all you Left wingers and bleeding hearts starts complaining remember these are criminals.

As I have said on many occasions these people should remain at home to rebuild their country and support their people as most of these people are Economic Migrants, those who are escaping War and torture etc there is a correct way of obtaining asylum but I wonder if these were that desperate why did they not apply in all the other countries they went through. The people of Europe rebuilt their Countries up after World War 2

Many of the bleeding hearts say they say they send money back to their families, well maybe they do but it is benefits we taxpayers pay for as they are not allowed to work.

It is time for ID cards and for employers, plus Landlords to do their civil duty, they should not employ or house illegals.

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